DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw – Complete Review

DeWalt DW788 Scroll SawScroll saws are an essential tool for artists and wood craftsmen. Scroll saws are used to make perfect curves on the edges of wood or metal. Scroll saw comes with a blade that moves up and down with the help of reciprocating mechanism. Scroll saw comes with a work-table that helps the craftsman to hold the material, and most of the saws come with variable speed that’s suitable for different purposes. As a craftsman, it can be confusing to find the perfect scroll saw that can give clean, delicate and intricate cuts to your sculpture. If you are one of those craftsmen in the search for an excellent tool, you are at the right place. DeWalt DW788 is the scroll saw that you should consider buying. In this DeWalt DW788 reviews we are going to discuss about this scroll saw that we tested thoroughly, make sure to read DeWalt DW788 reviews completely.

DeWalt DW788 —Details and Features

DeWalt DW788 is one of the top rated scroll saws because it is the go-to tool for the professional craftsmen. The quality of DeWalt DW788 speed scroll saw is high, and it’s easy to handle for anyone. The professional craftsmen prefer DeWalt DW788 because it offers excellent performance and versatility at an affordable price. Here are the details and features of DeWalt DW788:


  • Product Weight (lb.) – 56lbs
  • Cordless/ Corded – Corded
  • AMPS – 1.3 AMPS
  • Strokes/Min – 400-1,750 SPM
  • Depth of cut – 2 IN
  • Stroke length – 3/4 IN


Capacity: DeWalt DW788 comes with a 1.3-AMP, which makes this tool to scroll on various materials of different sizes and thickness – from hardwood to thin metal sheets. According to professional wood artisans, a right scroll saw machine must have a decent throat depth of 16 to 18 inches. Dewalt DW788 20 Inch Scroll Saw makes the job easier for us as it provides an impressive 20 in. throat depth.  This throat depth makes it easier for the craftsman to work with large materials like plywood, plastic sheets, as well as large carpets. It provides 2 in. depth of cut that makes it easier to scroll on any commercial material.  A variable stroke speed of 400-1750 SPM is needed to work with the materials of different thickness. You can get that stroke speed in this tool.

Accuracy: In this next segment of Dewalt DW788 features let’s talk about accuracy. When it comes to wood crafting, a scroll saw is the most accurate tool. This machine comes with a dual parallel-link arm that has ball bearing to reduce the vibrations and improves accuracy during crafting. There are three more features that improve accuracy:

  • Large table: A large 16×23-¾ in. Cast iron table is provided that absorbs most of the vibrations produced.
  • Thin blade: It comes with a thin, streamlined blade that moves slightly forward & backward during scrolling. The thin blade is good for getting more efficient cuts.
  • Cut action: You get more maneuverability while cutting any material. Another benefit of a scroll saw is that you can bring material to the blade, this gives you complete control over your cut at all times. It’s your scrolling skill, not the blade that decides the quality of the product.

Durability: The company has built this product with quality materials and comes with a cast iron table. This scroll saw machine is built to last long. You can expect high performance from it for an extended period.

Stability: The DeWalt DW788 is known to provide incredible stability, and three factors make the entire unit stable. The first component is the cast iron table that absorbs most of the vibrations produced. It also dampens the vibrations around the cut area. The second feature is the Dual Parallel Link System. It comes with a new efficient design that significantly reduces the vibrations as compared to the older mechanism. It also has ball bearings to transmit motor torque to the blade with almost no vibrations. The third and final feature is Workbench Affixing. This tool comes with a pair of pre-drilled holes at the base for a firm affixing to a workbench. The unit body sends the vibrations to the workbench instead of material.

User-Friendly: This tool comes with an arm lift that can conveniently be lifted, this feature helps when you are making sharp inside cuts. Dust blower is also provided, which is adjustable to clean the dust from the cut area. Levers are provided at the front of the device to make it easier to adjust speed and blade tension — a blade guard to keep your fingers at the safe distance from the moving blades during the scrolling. You can quickly change blades due to the tool-less mechanism.

DeWalt DW788 Price  — Price

After testing several other scroll saws in the market apart from DW788, we concluded that this machine is quite expensive. It is not a budget saw if your budget is limited. It does offer accurate, intricate cuts to the material, and also has a rich set of features. It is merely overpriced if compared to the equal performers available in the market. However, if you can afford it, go for it but keep in the mind that there are other less-expensive scroll saws available in the market with similar features and performance.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes with a 1.3-Amp motor that can scroll on any material
  • Variable speed of 400-1750 for quality scrolling
  • Throat depth of 20 in. makes it easier to work with large materials like plywood, plastic sheets or carpets
  • You can adjust variable speed and blade tension easily
  • Dust blower to keep your cut area clean
  • Cast-iron table to absorb the vibrations and gives ample working area to craftsman
  • Dual parallel-link arm to offer more stability during work
  • Tool-free mechanism allows to change blades easily


  • Expensive price compared to other tools with similar or better features

DeWalt DW788 is a great scroll saw that comes with a rich set of features that are good for both professional and casual scrolling. It is built from quality materials, is quite stable and durable. However, you can explore the other options if your budget is limited.

 DeWalt DW788 Buyer’s Guide

When you’re a professional wood craftsman looking for a good scroll saw, you must consider the following factors before making a purchase:

Platform: The first factor is the platform. The work table determines the quality of your scrolling. Worktable must have a space large enough to hold larger materials like plywood and metal plastic sheets. Worktable must be sturdy enough to absorb vibrations during scrolling. The more sturdy it is, the better it absorbs the vibrations and quality of cuts will be accurate and sharp.

Scroll Saw Arm: After testing several scroll saw arms, we can say that the dual parallel-link arm is the best one for the scrolling. Every model comes with a different type of arms. A right arm helps to reduce the vibrations that are produced during operation and holding the material in the place. Another critical factor you must consider is if the arm is adjustable, an adjustable arm allows you to determine the thickness of the wood you can cut. You must decide the types of projects you are going to do on the scroll saw and then pick up the one that suits your style of projects.

Throat Size: Throat size determines the size of a project you can scroll using the scroll saw. It is the distance from the front side of the blade to the back. Usually, any scroll saw comes with 16 to 22 inches throat size. Before purchasing the saw, make sure to check the throat size that is going to accommodate the type of material you’re going to work on.

Blades: The last but the critical factor is the type of blade. There are two classic types of blades when it comes to scrolling saw – pinned and unpinned. The pinned blade is used for working with a large piece of wood. It usually doesn’t help if you want more detailed, fine cuts. The unpinned blade is excellent for a smaller piece of wood but offers more detailed, fine cuts on the material. Another thing to consider is whether you can change the blades without tools or not. It’s annoying if you have to change the blade with tools, as you have to change the blade regularly. Most of the latest saws come with a tool-free mechanism to change the blade quickly.


In our DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw reviews you have seen the features and details about the product. In conclusion, we can say that it is an excellent tool for anyone – from professional to amateur craftsman. It is sturdy and built with quality material to last long. However, the price of this tool is unjustifiable if we compare it with more budget-friendly scroll saws in the market that offer more or less same features. If you have the budget to purchase this saw, go for it without thinking twice.